Welcome to the family!  It doesn't matter how you found us: Amazon, Walmart, eBay, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook... We're happy you did and would like to offer you 1000 rewards points just for creating an account with us.


Rewards FAQ

Q: It is free to join the rewards program?

A: Yes, of course!  By joining you get 1000 bonus points which you can use on your 1st order from our website.

Q: I purchased several products on Amazon and scanned the QR code. Do I get $10 rewards for each scan/product?

A: Sorry, no.  The 1000 point bonus is limited to one per customer, regardless of how many purchased you made on Amazon.

Q: How much is 1000 points worth?

A: You can choose how many points you want to redeem during checkout.  100 points can be redeemed for $1 discount.  1000 points for $10 discount. 

Q: How do I earn more points?

A: After the sign up bonus, every purchase from our website earns you points at a rate of 10 point for every dollar spent.  Spend $100, earn 1000points.

Q: How do I apply my points?

A: During checkout you'll notice a little blue floating button in the lower right of your screen.  Click on it and follow the instructions. Your points will only show if you are logged into the site. 


Claim Your Bonus Points!