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🔥 Step 2: Now, this is where the fun starts. You know that pop up that you clicked off of as soon as you got to the page? (Those who actually read it and input their email, you are a special cookie. Proceed to step 4.) For everyone else, have no fear – look to the left, where the magic $10 OFF banner is waiting for you. Click on it like it's the last piece of chocolate in the box!

📧 Step 3: Once you've clicked your way to glory, enter your email address and click "Claim Discount". Remember or copy the code that comes up as you will need that for later. This is the golden key to your treasure chest of rewards.

💸 Step 4: Hold onto your hats because you're about to embark on a shopping spree. To score that sweet $10, make sure your purchase is $50 or more before taxes. You'll even earn free shipping on your order! Pro tip: Treat yourself – you deserve it!

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💳 Step 6: Enter the discount code at checkout. Keep your eye on the prize, my friend! The code is your ticket to ten bucks of sweet goodness.

🎁 Step 7: Enjoy your rewards! You earned it – live the good life.

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